Baby's Photo Album

Baby was a big bunny who was the mascot of the Alameda, California Animal Shelter. To read more about her, just Click here: Baby's Story.  
In Fall 1999, a malignant mammary tumor was removed, and Baby retired from active shelter life to go live at the home of one of the shelter volunteer's.  Even then, she kept up her rabbit education work, and would still visit retirement homes and convalescent hospitals, schools, and scout troops. Occasionally she'd stop by the Animal Shelter to see her human friends.  And she even got to ride in Alameda's Fourth of July parade!
Even with excellent veterinary care from Dr. Carolynn Harvey and Dr. Jen Dalmasso, regular physical exams, and a cancer treatment protocol with Tamoxifen, we knew the day would come when Baby would leave us.
And so on August 8, 2001, at the age of 10 years, the Black Rabbit came for Baby, and called her home. She passed very peacefully, in the garden that was her playground, while those who loved her most gently stroked and petted her.
Through the generosity of Miriam Palevsky, here is an album of Baby's photos.  We hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we enjoyed having this gentle little creature grace our lives.

Rich Sievers
Volunteer Rabbit Wrangler
City of Alameda (Calif.) Animal Shelter

Baby on the bench in front of the Animal Shelter, during one of her visits to see her human friends


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An Ultrasound  on August 7th confirmed what x-rays had revealed the day before, and we decided to bring Baby home to play in her favorite spots in the backyard.  This photo was taken as the last rays of golden sunshine cast across the grass.
Baby spent the night snuggled next to her human friend, and the next day went back outside.  She visited all her favorite snoozing spots, and found this particularly sunny spot to take a nap.

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Still asleep.  And see her white fluffy tail?  Many people mistook her for a Cottontail rabbit, but she really wasn't.  In fact, that was part of her rabbit education presentations.
Such a tired bunny!  But never too tired to give a "nose boink".

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Baby's gentle and wise nature is so obvious in this photo.  That gigantic dewlap made an excellent pillow, and it's even more comfortable if you cross your front feet!
Baby munches on some carrot tops.  After this, Rich took her into his lap and stroked and talked to her.  Soon afterwards, Baby's journey to the Rainbow Bridge would begin



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