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Bob and Dusty

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Hi, we are Bob and Dusty and we are both about 3 years old.  We just had a very long trip to come to our new home on 3-11-2001.  The new slaves Petbunny friend Mary Lou needed to find a new home for her bunnies because she hasn't been feeling well and was having difficulties taking care of us bunnies.  So, this slave named Miriam said she would take us and care for us and be able to love us along with the rest of the bunnies.  Now, we had to get from Missouri to Ohio.

"The Bunderground"

Another Petbunny slaved named Eric offered to meet our former slave Mary Lou in St. Louis MO to get us.  He then took us back to his home in Indiana because he said he needed to get some sleep!  The next day, he set out on a long drive to bring us to our new home in Cleveland, Ohio.  The long drive was stressful and kind of scary but we are settling nicely into our new home.

The head slave seems ok and we have a nice spacious pen set up that gives us plenty of room to run around.  We met the furkids rooming next to us and have been sniffing them, they seem ok.

Here we are relaxing in our new "digs"

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I'm Bob...

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And I'm Dusty...

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   These pictures were all taken on 3/18/01.

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