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Casper's Page

Adopted by us 6/13/99

Casper has since been adopted out to a permanent home

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Casper was dumped at the humane society in Michigan after having been a 4-H project named Daisy.  "She" had been a hutch bunny for around 2 years.  The humane society contacted my friend from Petbunny named Jackie.  Jackie runs the The Warren House Rabbit Sanctuary in Western Michigan which is a part of the Michigan Rabbit Rescue.   They called Jackie because he was covered with mats and poopy butt and they knew they couldn't adopt him out that way.  Once Jackie started cleaning Daisy up and clipping away at some fur, she quickly realized that Daisy was a HE.  After Jackie gave him his first haircut, his nickname became "Poodle".

Casper is an English Angora and is the smallest angora I have ever seen.   He weighs around 4 pounds and I think he must have some lop bunny in him since he can't seem to pick his ears up and get them out of his face!

The "Bunderground" Begins

Jackie drove "Poodle" from Grand Haven, Michigan to Lansing, Michigan where she was met by a woman named Nicole who fosters bunnies and had been fostering "Big Mamma", the other bunny I adopted this day.  Nicole then drove from Lansing to Toledo Ohio where we drove to meet her.

It took us a few days to decide on a name for this adorable baby but one of my kids suggested Casper and I knew right away that was the perfect name for him.

Casper is an incredibly sweet and loving little bunny and enjoys the attention from me and the kids.  If I lay on the floor and start petting one of the other bunnies, he walks over the top of them and lays down, nudges his nose and to make sure that I start petting him instead.

That's no stuffed animal in my son's crib, it's Casper!!!

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A very relaxed Casper

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Casper peaking out over the top of his litterbox

Casper in a trance while I shear him

Casper playing outside after being sheared





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