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Necropsy Results on Freckles and Daffy:

  • The animal was thin and moderately dehydrated
  • The rabbit weighed 3.1 kg
  • The tissue was markedly autolytic
  • There was marked to severe ulcerations and scabby areas on all 4 feet.
  • The lungs were severely congested and edematous.  The lungs were lightly firmer than normal.
  • The stomach contained a small amount of ingesta.
  • The rest of the intestinal tract had no gross lesions that could be differentiated from advanced autolysis.
Tentative Diagnosis:
  • severe pulmonary congestion
  • edpidermal ulcerations
  • The changes in the lungs are highly suggestive of acute pneumonia.
  • The animal was thin and dehydrated
  • The animal weighed 1.9 kg
  • The tissues were markedly autolytic
  • Within the right war canal was a purulent, yellow material.  This material extended into the tympanic bulla.
  • The rest of the viscera had no gross lesions that could be differentiated from advanced autolysis
Tentative Diagnosis: Otitis
  • The changes in the ear are highly suggestive of bacterial infection.
Histopathologic examination: (I believe this is on Daffy but it didn't specify)
  • Sections of cerebrum, cerebellum, kidney, lung, heart, stomach, large and small intestine were examined.
  • The section of kidney had one small lymphocytic focus in the cortical interstitium
  • The section of lung had a homogeneous, eosinophilic material, edema, present in alveoli and the lung was congested.
Morphologic diagnosis:
  • pulmonary edema and congestion
  • Lesions suggestive of a pneumonia were not observed.
I believe this is on Freckles but it doesn't specify.  Sections of cerebrum, cerebellum, brainstem, kidney, lung, splean, pancreas, liver, kidney, skin, stomach, large and small intestine were examined.
  • The section of cerebrum had mild lymphoplasmacytic perivascular cuffing present in the neuropil in the hippocampal region.  One section of the cerebrum appeared to have a focus of gitter calls and lymphoplasmacytic perivascular cuffing.
  • Mild saponification was present in the adipose tissue adjacent to the pancreas.
  • The section of liver had a mild lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate in scattered portal triads.
  • The section of heart had a mild mononuclear infiltrate in the epicardium and adjacent mycocardium.
  • The section of skin was ulcerated and degenerate and karyorrhectic neutrphils (heterophils).  Ecsinophillic cellular debris and bacteria in the site of ulceration.
Morphologic diagnosis:
  • mild, subacute, nonsuppurative encephalitis
Necropsy and histopathology:
  • mild, subacute, nonsuppurative epicarditis and myocarditis.
  • moderate, focally extensive, acute, ulcerative dermatitis.
  • Lesions in the brain may have been secondary to the otitis.
Final Diagnosis and Comments:
  • Congestion, Pulmonary
  • Edema, Pulmonary
  • Dermatitis, ulcerative
  • Encephalitis, Nonsuppurative
  • Epicarditis, Nonsuppurative
  • Myocarditis, Nonsuppurative


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