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Group Photo's of my Bunnies

Bunnies are very sociable animals and usually do very well in bonded groups.  My goal has always been to get as many of my bunnies together as possible.   These pictures show you some of the group photos I have taken of my fur children.

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Sheleg, Peter, Fluffy, Harry

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Big Mama


Daffy & Peanut

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Do you see 12 bunnies in the picture??? 

Starting from the top left they are: Teenoke, Mocha, Duchess, Freckles, Daffy, Peanut

Bottom row: Casper, Big Bunny, Dazzle, Big Mama, Snugglebunny and Vincent hidding in the back

group_bunnies1.jpg (22480 bytes)

This is a close up of the top row from the picture above



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