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Duchess's Page

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Duchess in his cast when we first got him

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Duchess enjoying some Hay

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Side View of Duchess in his Tux

As you can see by the picture on the left, Duchess had a broken leg. We adopted Duchess from someone who was going to take him to the Humane Society because they no longer wanted to care for him. I of course didn't feel that was a reason that the bunny needed to die! We adopted Duchess during the Summer of 1997.

Oh Yeah...the name Duchess for a boy! That is because when I was asked about taking the rabbit and I agreed, I was told she was a girl. When I came home and told my children that we were adopting a female blue dutch, they wanted to name her Duchess.  Well, needless to say, the day I got her and flipped her over I discovered she was definitely NOT a girl! My children had already decided on the name Duchess and although I tried to convince them to come up with a more masculine name, they were not budging. So Duchess it is!

With the help of Michigan Rabbit Rescue, Duchess has been adopted out to a permanent family.

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Duchess enjoying the outdoors

Duchess with Freckles outside


duchess_121899.jpg (97283 bytes)

duchess_grooming_121899.jpg (127539 bytes)

duchess_matthew_121999.jpg (109728 bytes)

Duchess with Freckles and Peanut

Duchess grooming himself

Duchess getting kissed by Matthew

duchcudmarv.jpg (9544 bytes)

Duchess, Marvin and Cuddles

duchbowl.jpg (5667 bytes)

Duchess in his bowl

duchessgrooming.jpg (27769 bytes)

Duchess Grooming Himself


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