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Matthew's Page

Is this kid cute or what?!?

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Hi my name is Matthew. I am 10 years old. I am very small for my age and I weigh only 56 pounds, even though I am a good eater. I love sports. My favorite sport is BASEBALL. I love to watch it and I love to play it to. I also love to play soccer although I don't watch it on TV. I also like swimming and riding my bike. I have 5 older sisters, and they all act like mothers to me. Most of the time I like it because they are really good to me, but other times it gets really annoying. My sister Jessica is helping me make this page.

  I have Autism and mild Cerebral Palsy. I am really good in math, better then I should be. I am in 5th grade and in all regular classes, although I do get extra help. My best friends are Jacob and Cameron. They are adopted foster children, just like me. My favorite food is seafood, but out of all of the seafood sushi is my favorite, just like my Dad and sister Jessica. My favorite color is Red. My lucky number is 18. I have brown hair and greenish blue. I am about 4 foot 4 inches. I collect baseball cards. I don't really listen to music. I love to play video games. So there really isn't much to know about me.


That is my older sister Jessica and Me

That is my cousin Kevin, my sister Arielle and me in a hot tub in Tennessee.

That is my older sister Jessica and me getting ready to go to temple for Yom kipper last year

This adorable child's name is Matthew and he is 10 years old.    Matthew came to live with me as a foster child after 3 1/2 months of severe neglect.  The back of his head was flat as a board and it continued this way right down to his middle back.  He did not establish eye contact and had no idea how to be cuddled or to lay on his tummy and could not drink a bottle while being held. He also couldn't hold his own bottle till he was 17 months old, and didn't roll over till he was 13 month at which time he also started to crawl. He began walking at 17 months and this was a huge step for him.

When a child is upset or crying, a mothers instinct is to hold, cradle and rock the child.  Matthew could not tolerate this and would arch his back and push away.  The only way to calm him was to lay him on his back with his pacifier in his mouth and a cloth diaper over his face.  He would hold the diaper on his face and rock himself back and forth.  It took us around 8 months to teach Matthew to drink a bottle in a sitting up position, he only knew how to drink when flat on his back.

Matthew has Cerebral Palsy and is Autistic.  Matthew started attending a preschool for children with special needs when he was 2.  Matthew received a great deal of therapy from a very young age and his doctors say he should be the poster child for why early intervention is so important.  Matthew is very functional and most people wouldn't even guess that he has these problems in less they spent a lot of time around him.  He has progressed much farther than was ever expected.

Matthew is absolutely adorable child and so incredibly sweet and loving that we decided to adopt him instead of him leaving our home to be placed into an adoptive home.   For the 18 years we have fostered children, we have always said we are not in this to adopt and we just foster the kids until a permanent home can be found for them.  This little boy reached out and grabbed our hearts in such a way that we could not imagine allowing him to leave and not become a permanent part of our family. He had never shown attachment to any one, but one day when I was leaving for work he reached up and hugged me around her neck. As I was walking out the door I was thinking to myself that I couldn't let him leave now, because he is finally attached. I immediately called my husband Marvin and told him what happened and that I couldn't let him go, he couldn't agree more. So we called the adoption agency and told them I wanted to adopt him. My husband said if I had asked him a couple months earlier he would have said i was crazy. On 12/12/00, Matthew became a permanent part of our family and we couldn't be happier. He knows he was adopted and when he was little he use to call it his readoption, which always made us laugh.


Me in the pool in my backyard

My cousin Taylor and I riding bikes

Me and my older sister Nicole

Since Matthew came to live with us at 3.5 months of age, he has NEVER slept through the night.  For the last several years, he wakes up 2 to 5 times a night "battling" with someone.  He is kicking and pushing and shouting things like "leave me alone", "go away", "don't touch me" and other things of this sort.  His battles are always the same, the words never change and the episodes look exactly the same.  In the morning, he is never aware that he has awakened during the night.  In March 2005, his Neurologist and his sleep doctor sent him to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital to have a thorough sleep study done.  There is a possibility that he is having seizures in the frontal lobe and a certain stage in his sleep.  In the pictures below, you can see Matthew preparing in advance for his sleep study, and practicing on a doll for everything that will be getting hooked up to him. 

Matthew hooking up the doll for a sleep study

Matthew being wired up for his own sleep study

Me with Matthew after he has been completely hooked up and ready to go to sleep.


Me holding one of my birds. She is an African Grey and her name is Rosy

That is me from my sisters Bat Mitzvah

That is me before going to shul and man do I look sharp or what


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020515055813_1731.JPG (193778 bytes)

This is me and my older sister Arielle

Cant touch this its to HOT for you lol

Me posing on the front lawn of our house when I was little.

Matthew is my sister Nicole's little "beloved".  She dotes on this boy and likes to take him with her when she goes places.  She also likes to pose him for pictures because she feels as I do, that he is gorgeous.

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This is me sitting in our breakfast room when I was 3

Such an Abercrombie Model

Me helping my cousin Elijah unload rocks in Kentucky where he lives but that was when i was three






Just a picture of me

Just a weird one

Me Rock climbing


Me and a kid at camp

Me and my sister Jessica at the fire in our backyard. She looks like a pig eating that marshmallow

Me Look what I got its mine don't touch


Me and my family at Eddies Fruit Farm we were picking apples

Me on top of a pyramid in my living room with my sisters and their friends

Me standing on my older sister Caitlin and her twin sister Arielle is holding my hand


I came, I saw, I conquered. Lol that's me standing on the twins

Me and the twins in the pool

Me holding my nephew baby Dominic


021218075118_4008.JPG (97176 bytes) matt_chanukkah_candles_120602.jpg (103584 bytes)

This is Me in bed with my older sister Nicole.  The casts on my legs are because of surgery I had to lengthen my heel cords because of my cerebral palsy and the way I walk.

Me after I got my hair cut a while ago

Me lighting my Menorah on the last day of Chanukkah on 12/6/02.

The picture below shows Matthew with his new and fabulous painting, made specially for him by Member has an eBay Store Fine Art by Alexander Sviridov    I saw Alex's art on ebay and fell in love with it.  I purchased one of his paintings for my husband, and Alex saw my web address in my signature.  He checked out my website, saw the kids, and he and his wife were so touched by Matthew's story, that he decided to paint something just for Matthew.  When Marvin's painting arrived with this special painting for Matthew along with it, Matthew couldn't stop smiling and stand still.  I caught him long enough to take this picture of him holding his painting.  Next to Matthew's picture is the painting I bought for Marvin.  If you are in the market for gorgeous one of a kind oil paintings on canvas, please stop by ebay and check Alex out (Seller Name alexart4u).


I could go on and on showing pictures of Matthew but I guess this is really enough!



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