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My Children

These are my children: Nicole, Marissa, Jessica, Arielle, Caitlin and Matthew

Here are individual photos of each of the kids, with links to their individual web pages.








Marvin and I have been married for 21 years and have been foster parents for 18 of those years.  We have fostered around 30+ children of all ages, races and nationalities and abilities.   Many of the children are now adults and we continue to maintain relationships with them.  In order to protect the privacy of the children in our home, we are unable to show any of their pictures on this website.

Marvin and I generally foster teenagers since they are the hardest to place.  Most people want young children but we find it very rewarding to work with the teens.  We got Matthew when he was 3 1/2 months old and although we said we would never adopt, Matthew changed all that.

We do most everything together as a family.   We enjoy camping, going to movies, taking a drive in the country on nice days or just getting silly.  We love to play games and really enjoy board games. Me and my children love to play scrabble and cards the most.

This picture shows Me, Marvin and 4 of our children along with my sister Elynn, her husband Jerry and their 2 children, my sister Cheryl and my parents on a recent family vacation to Tennessee.  My older children were also with us on vacation but chose to go a different direction on this particular day.

Marvin and Miriam




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