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Jessica's Page

Hi my name is Jessica.  I am 17 years old and am going to Brush High School. I am also going to Beachwood high school for most of my day. I am in the culinary Arts program i am 1 of 4 people that got in from hundreds that applied. We are in  learning lab in the restaurant located inside the school. It is called Beachwood Bistro. It is opened to the public from 11 AM to 12:30 P.M and u have to make reservations the day before.  I am a very sensitive and loving teenager.  My favorite sport is GYMNASTICS and I love to play football!  I love swimming. I was on the high school gymnastics team but I couldn't afford it anymore so I had to stop and it made me really sad. I still do gymnastics in my free time whenever I have the chance. I love it and it is my passion.  My hobbies are singing and dancing.  I love talking on the phone.  I have so many friends and have been making a lot more.  I have brown hair and brown eyes. At the moment it is Dark brown on top and black underneath with barely noticeable red highlights. The color changes all the time. I never have it the same for more then 4 months. My favorite color and number is red and 7.  I am 5 foot and 2 inches. I love hanging out with my friends and one of my closest friends is my older sister Marissa. Everyone gets us mixed up or thinks we are twins except we are not, she is a sophomore in college at The Cleveland Institute of Art, and I am a Junior in high school. I go to Charles F Brush High School. I love to have fun and you will see that throughout my pictures.  So far i am loving life and all of its wonders. I cant wait to see what it has in store for me next.

     I have 9 cats, 3 birds, 2 rabbits and a tank of fish. I have 4 biological sisters, including me that makes 5. My little brother is adopted. They are all very loving yea I know coming from a 17 year old it isn't what you usually hear but yes they are loving but they are also very annoying. They always eerk my nerves. Sometimes when I am having a bad day, and they come home and they say hardly even one word to me and I go off. I start yelling and cussing at them for no reason at all. I feel bad afterward but I cant help it, it is just the way I am.  I have a foster sister named Meranda and she has 2 kids, Richard and Aaron. I have a foster sister named Jessica and she has a son named Dominic. I have a brother named Nick. He is not really my brother but he has been a good friend of our family since I was little so we call him our brother. He is a marine and he is in Japan right now training to go to Iraq. I miss him and wish him good luck and my family sends him all the love in the word. I have another brother Shai and he has been a friend of my family since he was 23 now he is 31. He is also a famous Israeli singer and he has a cd.  So that makes 10 of us.


I have bipolar disorder and have been through some very difficult times.   I have my good times and I have very rough times and this disorder is something the entire family needs to live with and deal with. it is hard to deal with i usually don't make the right decisions and I have other people make them for me which is not good. I am working on trying to get my self under control and so far I am doing an okay job.  I am currently in the 11th grade, and this is the best school I have ever went to in my life! 

If you would like to see a poem my sister Nicole wrote for me while i was in the hospital, Click Here

These are all the pictures I took in a photo studio for my portfolio for modeling





Fashion show for Barbizon


a fashion show for modeling

fashion show pop star theam


These are pictures from Halloween 2007 with all my friends

Me and my bestest friend Kyle on Halloween 06 OH BEST HALLOWEEN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyle, Erin and me on Halloween 07

Erin, me. mikes tongue, Alex, Shayna and Kyle on Halloween


All my friends on halloween 07 Alex then Erin then Shayna then Mike Then me then Kyle then Bryan on the bottom is jimmy and on the top is Alex's' bf and Quentin then mikes bro Joey

My friends Bryan and Mike bein silly Halloween 07

Kyle and Erin and Quentin and Joey


Me and my sister on Halloween 07

Me and my sisters and my little brother

Me and my sisters and little brother outside my house


Betty Boop pose on Halloween

Me and my mom

Me and my sister Marissa

These are just other random pictures


me and my bf samii

me and my bf shayna

me after i died my hair back to its natural color



 just chillin at work

my bf's boyfriend and my friend kyle


my boyfriend john

 me eating a chocolate covered banana

 me and my baby



just chillin peace my BFFL



Me and my other BFFL me and shayna again and again


Shayna and I with our best friend!!!!!!!!!!!

Shayna and I chillin in our G hatts








Me and my little brother Matthew

Doin the modeling thing




Bet cha cant do it like me

At school

Just bored


Very tan

No one can do it like me

The emo thing... lol


This is me before homecoming freshmen year 06

just bein me

me and my bro Eric he got the c up because he is corbinogically represenin lol his last name is Corbin so its just his thing


Me and my cousin Ryan She is also my best friend.

Sitting on the couch on the fourth of July 07

UH OH WE HOT me and my sis/ bff Christine


me in the middle of doing a back handspring

A long time ago

just trying to get them out of the way lol this is on the fourth of July of 06









See I told you I was going to eat you lol that is me and my little brother Matthew in our back yard around the fire

Don't know what's so funny but I guess it was really funny


picking apples from Eddies Fruit Farm

Me laughing hysterically sitting on my friends face after he dropped me while trying to bench press me lol I guess not so strong

Cant make faces like i can lol



In a handstand in my front yard

Me hula hooping at my little sisters bat mitzvah

my family picture from my sisters bat mitzvah



Bored you know how it is

Me and my cuz cuz Ryan

Within the first minute I was born they hadn't even taken me to the nursery yet at least that is what my mommy said



When i was like 3 or 4 and my face has not changed at all

when I was 1 year old

When I was like 2 or 3 AWW I could do it then and I can still do it now


Me just messin around lol

Me holding my nephew Cameron my friend Dima is on the left side of me and my friend Danny is on the right talking on my sisters phone and my friend Alex playing chess with my little brother Matthew

Just bored


me and my cuz cuz Ryan again

the fourth of July 06 just showing off

OMG!!!!!!! good golly miss molly don't i look just sooooo cute lol this was the summer of 06 it was so much fun i was actually pretty then lol




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