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Sunshine's Page

Sunshine was adopted into a new permanent home during 7/02 along with Mocha.  They are being well cared for in their new home and their new mom brings them by every so often for me to clip their nails and see them.

On Tuesday 1/11/2000, I was taking Onyx to the vet for her spay.  I walked in to the vets office and he immediately got this grin on his face.  He knew I did rabbit rescues and he told me he had this little bunny that had been dumped there and he needed me to take it or it would have to be euthanized.   He went and got the bunny knowing very well that once I saw it I could never say no.  He said if I would take him, he would neuter him and I could come back and get him that evening.

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My children named this bunny Sunshine.  He is really tiny and only weighs about 3 pounds.  

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Sunshine with my daughter Jessica

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Me (Miriam) with Sunshine

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Me cuddling with Sunshine, Cocoa and Snowflake


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