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Onyx - The final Chapter

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9/15/00 at 12:25pm (EST), my beautiful and sweet little Onyx left for her journey to the bridge. I had a long tearful phone conversation last night with Linda Ogawa Oleszko followed by a long discussion with my husband and we knew what we had to do.

Making the decision to call the vet was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  I have lost 3 bunnies in the 8 years that I have been doing bunnies but I never was the one to make the decision.

This morning, my husband drove the girls to school and then my son to my sister in laws and I got Onyx and put her up on the bed with me.  Wherever I moved, she moved to snuggle in as closely as she could.  I talked to her and I listened to her.  Her eyes seemed cloudy and she would start and stop the teeth grinding.  Any time I tried to move her, she made a growling type noise that told me she was in pain.  How could I continue to let her suffer and at the same time, how could I make this painful decision to end her life.  I cried and cried and cried but knew it was what I HAD to do for her.

After about 2 hours of laying on the bed with Onyx, I called the vet who was in surgery.  She called back about an hour later and I explained what was going on and told her that I knew I needed to let her go.  The vet asked if I wanted to come in right then and I said I did.  Then I really started to cry.  I didn't think it could get any more painful but it did, knowing that the call was made and we actually had to go.

I took Onyx's e-collar off and the bandaging that I put on her foot so she could feel as comfortable as possible with out all the crap in her way.  I fed her lots of craisins and packed up some of everyone of her favorite snacks.  She ate some honey nut chex with me, I wrapped her in a towel and we left.

I held her the entire way there since she always got so stressed in her travel box.  At each traffic light, I would give her some dried pineapple, papaya, raisins, coconut and anything else I pulled out of my little bag.  Driving was difficult through the tears and talking to her and kissing her.

I panicked momentarily when I pulled up at the vets office but then went in.  The process itself only took about 3 seconds.  The vet got the injection in on the first try and she was gone before the syringe was empty.  I had given her a whole torbutol at home for pain and to help relax her.  I stayed with her for about 1.5 hours afterwards and then had to hand her over to the vet tech to take her away.  I asked to have her cremated and have her ashes returned so that a part of her will always be with me.

My heart is aching so bad it feels like it is going to break.  My head is so cloudy I can't even think straight and my eyes are so puffy it is hard to see.

I beg of all of you with female bunnies to please please please get you bunnies spayed and be sure your vet knows what they are doing and remove ALL the female organs.  Most, if not all female rabbits will develop some type of cancer of the female organs if not spayed.  Males should also be neutered for many reasons including tumors.  For more information on spaying and neutering, please check out http://www.rabbit.org and click on the link for Health, your bunnies life depends on it.

My last picture was made for me by my 6 year old daughter Arielle.  This kids all cried with me when I told them and then Arielle went and drew me a picture.  She knows nothing of the rainbow bridge but this is what she came up with.  You can see Onyx in the grass with the flowers and the sun is shining and she is standing up.  I am not sure I understand why some areas where colored in red since Onyx was all black but I assume it was due to the raw areas of her skin that Arielle saw on Onyx and how she interpreted it.  You can click to see a larger picture.

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Good night my beautiful sweet Onyx, you will be forever in my heart and greatly missed.



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